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White Fillings

Tooth colored “white fillings” are a safe and attractive alternative to metal amalgam fillings. Also known as “composite restorations,” they are a desirable choice since they are made to match the color of your teeth—and seamlessly blend with the entire tooth structure.

White fillings are made of a light resin material applied as a soft putty that hardens in the mouth under a special light. The technology in tooth-colored fillings means that when placed and bonded correctly—the fillings last a very long time.

The techniques involved in placing white fillings call for a high level of clinical and technical expertise. Our doctors use these techniques to improve the health and appearance of patients every day.

Benefits of white fillings:

  • Unlike metal fillings, tooth-colored filings blend with natural teeth, while actually adding strength to the tooth structure.
  • They also add to the radiance of a smile, along with other benefits:
  • Retain their strength and integrity over time.
  • Reduce tooth sensitivity.
  • Strengthen your natural tooth by being bonded to it.
  • Help to prevent new decay by sealing the area between tooth and filling.
  • Keep your teeth looking natural and beautiful.

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